How To Get A Beautiful Body Without Dieting Or Exercising :

You can get a beautiful without having to Kim Kardashian (surgery) it or Chloe Ting (exercise) it or Pick up limes (nutrition) it.

The best way to get a beautiful body without ever doing anything is simply to love yourself.

Loving your body will get you a very gorgeous body. Nothing will physically change yet everything will change. You will start to see the good in your body, love your body and appreciate your body for everything that it has done for you.

No matter what you do to change your body it will never be enough. Your body will never be beautiful until you think it is. No amount of weight loss or muscles or leanless or curves will make your body beautiful if you don’t think it is.

Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder and you are the only beholder that matters in this case.

Your body is beautiful, it is strong and amazing. It does it’s best to keep you alive and to be the perfect motor vehicle for your soul and personality. The least you can do is treat it with love and respect.

It loves you so much. It has never gave up on you despite everything you’ve put it through. It deserves respect and love, not matter it’s shape, size or colour.

You are beautiful now, at this moment. Start acting like it.

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The 4 Pillars Of Health :

We all wanna be healthy, don’t we?? We all want to live a long, long, long life. We all want to slay in our sixties and by slay I mean not to be near to death sick in the hospital while stressing about the hospital bill.

Health : the state of being free from psychological or physical disease, malfunction or Illness.

The 4 Pillars of health in no particular order :

1. Nutrition :

You are what you eat, literally.

Your skin replaces itself after 28 days, your liver after 5 months, your bones after 10 years. Your body uses the food you eat to build the new cells. So yes, you literally become what you eat.

Take a very good look at what you put in your month with this new information in mind.

And yes, this includes drinking a lot of water.

2. Sleep :

Sleep is one of the most important things in life. When sleeping, your body rests and repairs itself. Sleeping is the best thing you can do for your body and your overall health.

There are so many benefits of sleep like better mood, improved concentration, more productivity, more energy, better skin and so much more.

3. Movement :

Exercising is a way of celebrating your body and everything it is capable of doing. Exercising is a way of showing love to your body and of taking care of your body.

Exercising makes you stronger physically and mentally, it expands your life span, it boosts your mood and energy drastically.

You should try moving your body everyday. You might fall in with it.

4. Stress :

This is the most overlooked pillar of health. Keeping your stress levels in check is just as important as anything else on this list.

If you put the other pillars in place, stress will take of itself. Seriously, eating better, exercising and sleeping will lower your stress levels significantly.

There are also additional things you can add to your routine to lower your stress levels. You can journal, cut out toxic people, deal with your emotions the right way, smile more, laugh more, find your community, breathe more and do more of the things you love.

There you have it folks, the four pillars of health. If you want to live a longer and happier life then you might want to take this article seriously.

Thank you so much for reading and liking 😜 this article. I love you guys so much 💞💞. Remember to always put your health first. Take care.

How To DESTROY Your Life :

This is going to change your life for the WORST!!!

I know how bad you want to destroy your life. Lucky for you I’m also on the same journey. We can do this together. We can walk together on this path while keeping the social distance because of well, you know what.

1. Procrastinate :

This is a very effective way to ruin your life. Procrastinate, put everything off till the last minute. This will give you a lot of anxiety, make you feel overwhelmed and stressed. I mean who doesn’t want to feel all those feelings?? You might be tempted to start the thing the day before it’s due but don’t. Resist the temptation to start early. Start the project not earlier that an hour before it’s due.

2. Don’t take action :

If you are going to follow any habit on this article, let it be this one. The big ideas that you have, yeah leave them on your head. Tell a lot of people about them and never bring them to reality. Don’t take any action towards them.

The next time you have a great idea for a book, I want you to tell everybody about it. Get their hopes a little bit up by telling them that you’re actually going to write it. Swear that by next month (cause you have unrealistic goals) your book is going to be on every shelf. Take no action towards writing the book and when next month arrives avoid all your friends and family so that they won’t ask you about the book.

3. Blame others :

Blame others for everything. Blame the government, rich people, celebrities, your family, Mike from the coffee shop, the society, your teachers and Sydney the girl you just met. Blame everybody and everything other than yourself.

4. Complain :

Complain, complain, complain…

I cannot recommend this habit enough. Complaining is the key to being successful in ruining your life. I want you to wake up and say, “urgh!! It’s still Wednesday!! Why is the week going so slow!?” Find phrases like this to say every morning. Don’t just stop there, complain about everything. Complain about things that you can change. Don’t change them just complain about them.

5. Steal dreams :

I know this sounds difficult but I promise you it’s not. Being a dream thief is easy. All you have to do is tell everybody that their dreams are impossible. Tell them that they don’t have what it takes and that they’re absurd. Tell them that they are NEVER going to achieve their dreams, never. Make them give up on their dreams. Convince them that they can’t do it.

6. Always be frowning :

Yes I took ‘always be hustling’ and turned it into ‘always be frowning’ caused I figured hustling will set you back.

This habit is simple, just frown. Be grumpy all the time. Never smile, let alone laugh.

7. Take bad care of yourself :

Neglect your basic needs in fact neglect all your needs. Who needs needs am I right?? Make it a point that you ignore yourself. Do anything and everything in your power to endanger your health and to make your life miserable.

I hope you learnt a thing or two from this article on how to completely destroy your life.

Now it’s your turn, please comment down below on how you are planning on destroying your life. Don’t hold back, let me know your thoughts on this topic and your progress on destroying your own life.

Completely out of topic but please leave your favourite YouTube channels in the comments, I’d love to check them out.

Thank you so much for reading now go and destroy your life.

I Weigh Everybody In My Life To Measure Their Worth :

Hi I’m Tracy.

I know, I know Tracy sounds like the name of a hot stripper who’s a gold digger with a lot of emotional baggage and only knows her value when she’s high. I swear I’m not at all like that.

Although I’m not a stripper there’s something as devious that I like to do. It’s pretty normal to me but everybody else finds it strange, cruel and even disgusting.

I weigh everybody in life, I weigh them to see how far they are in life. I weigh people before they become my friends to make sure they’re the right weight. I weigh my friends daily to see if they lost or gained weight.

If they lost it, I become proud of them. I hug them, kiss them and celebrate. I spend the whole day encouraging them to keep it up and occasionally scare them that they will gain weight if they eat the dessert. If they gained weight, I insult them. I tell them how much of a loser they are and how they’ll never reach their goal. I tell them how fat they’re and I become extra critical and judgemental of what they eat. I constantly remind them that they gained weight and some days I even suggest that they starve themselves. I basically spend the whole day putting them down.

I never realised that what I was doing was wrong. I mean I’ve been doing it since I found out about calories and that looking like the models in magazines and television is something that we should all aspire to be.

Recently my friends intervened about this behaviour. They told that this makes them feel like they’re nothing more than just their bodies and that they’d really appreciate it if I started loving them for their personalities and stopped viewing them as an empty body. At first I was like ‘ha!!’ but then realized they were serious.

With their help I spent most of my days getting to know them beyond the skin. I started loving them for their kindness, compassion and open mindedness instead of their tiny waist and collar bones.

Hit the breaks before you judge me because you do the exact same thing I used to do. Only you do it to the most important person in your life, you. You weigh yourself and you start critising your body. You compare your body to other people’s bodies. You set unrealistic weight loss goals for yourself and beat yourself up when you don’t achieve them. You body shame yourself. You focus on how you’re not ‘body goals’ and seem to forget all of things you’ve achieved, your personality and how far you’ve come. You punish your body in so many ways in the name of weight loss.

At least I stopped, when will you??

How To Workout Everyday (even if you don’t feel like it) :

You wake up, grab your phone to check the time. Then an hour later, “flip! It’s already 8 am!! It’s too late to workout now. I have to get ready for my meeting. I’ll do it later. Nah, I’ll be tired by then. Uhh, I’ll just do it tomorrow.” The following day it’s the same boring story.

Sounds familiar?? Say no more… I’m going to help you keep your new year’s resolution of working out everyday.

1. Schedule your workout :

Don’t just have a general idea of when you’ll workout on the day. Plan out your workout, dedicate a specific time to workout. Schedule your workout and treat it like an important event because it is.

2. Start small :

By starting small I don’t mean slacking and exercising for one minute once a week in the name of starting small. I mean start by doing shorter and more effortless workouts because we both know you can’t handle 30 minute HIIT workouts just yet. Start with just five minutes a day and gradually increase it.

3. Plan out your workout :

Plan your workout to the tea in advance. Lay out your workout gear the night before. Figure out the exact workout routine that you’re going to follow. Know exactly what “working out” means to you and plan it out in advance.

4. Make it fun :

Working out doesn’t have to be torture. You can customize your workout however you want. Experiment with different workouts, find what you like, do it and switch it up over time. I really enjoy working out to my favourite songs, I enjoy doing indoor walk exercises, I enjoy choreographing my own workouts and I’ve recently found out that I enjoy working out to Disney songs and so I’ve been doing That Disney Girl Workouts.

5. Have a workout buddy :

Having a workout partner who in turn becomes your accountability partner really helps for some people. I would hate to have someone all up in my workout business or any business for that matter. Having someone to keep me accountable would certainly ruin working out for me. For me, having an accountability partner would actually make me not want to workout. If accountability is what you need, then go on and find yourself a workout buddy.

6. Do a workout challenge :

If you find it difficult to decide what workouts to do and the motivation to do them then you could do challenges. Doing a thirty day challenge doesn’t mean that you’ll only workout for thirty days. It just means that for those thirty days someone else is going to plan different workouts for you.

7. Subscribe to fitness YT channels :

Something about having workout videos on your recommended page will make you want to move that booty. My favourite fitness channels are Blogilates, Chloe Ting, Kristen Calfee and of course That Disney Girl.

8. Suck it up :

The truth is, most of the time you won’t feel like working out. You will find a bunch of ridiculous excuses as to why you can’t go to the gym. Exercising sucks, it really does but what sucks even more is not exercising so choose which one you’d rather get stuck with. I’m kidding, you don’t have a say in this. Just do it, just a get it over with.

9. Do you :

I had to emphasize this point. You don’t have to do what everybody else is doing. You don’t have to workout at a certain time or do certain workouts. You can even dance and call it a day. This is all for you so make it for you.

Nine tips?? That’s weird, isn’t it?? They’re not really nine because you’ll leave the tenth in the comments down below. Tell us how you manage to fit a workout everyday in your busy schedule.

Thank you so much for reading. I love and appreciate you very, very much 💞💞.

7 Habits Of Highly Successful People :

Successful people were not cut from a certain cloth that you unfortunately weren’t cut from. There were not born successful. They are not special people. They just implemented habits that guaranteed them a brighter future. The good news is, you can implement the same habits in your life and reap the same results.

Here are seven habits of highly successful people :

1. They’re life long learners :

Successful people are always keen to learn. They are open to new ideas. They know that they do not know everything. They’re prepared to unlearn, learn and relearn. They learn by reading, taking classes, learning from others and most importantly by doing.

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” –Alvin Toffler

2. They’re Responsible :

Successful people are fully responsible for their lives. They do not complain nor blame people and situations. They know that even though they can’t control what happens to them, they can choose their response.

3. They Are Goal Oriented :

Nobody ever stumbled on success accidentally, that is why successful people set goals. They know that you cannot reach a destination without directions.

4. They Are Risk Takers :

Successful people are risk takers. They know that nobody ever made it big by playing it small. They refuse to be average so they take risks that launch them above average. They take well calculated risks because they can bet on themselves.

“I don’t really like to gamble but if there’s one thing that I can bet on, IT’S MYSELF!!” – Beyoncè

5. They Are Consistent :

Successful people know that nobody ever got a six pack by doing crunches once every blue moon. They know that consistency is one of the most crucial ingredients to the soup of success.

6. They Persevere :

Successful people fight for their dreams. They never give up on their goals. They do not walk away from their goals when things get tough. They are persistent and see their goals through.

7. They’re Self-aware :

Successful people are self-aware. They take the time to get to know themselves. They know that mastering the world within is key to mastering the outside world. They play by their strengths and this doubles their productivity and success.

There you have it folks, the habits to become successful.

What are some habits that you think crucial for success?? I would love if you would share them with everybody in the comments section.

60+ SPECIFIC New Year’s Resolutions for 2021 :

The best resolutions/goals are measurable. This means that you can tell if you’re slaying your goals or you’ve fallen off the wagon. Setting vague resolutions is setting yourself up for failure and huge disappointments.

I’ve written a list of specific resolutions you can set for 2021. They’re customizable to cater to your specific needs. If you’ve already set your 2021 goals, you might want to take them out and evaluate them.

Finances :

1. Earn $100 000 from all my income streams this year.

2. Pay off all my student loan debt.

3. Invest $6 000 on Amazon.

4. Earn $5 000 per month on my blog.

5. Save 80% of my income every month.

Stretch vague goals like earn more money, save more and become rich.

Health & Fitness :

1. Exercise for 30 minutes daily except for Saturdays.

2. Drink 3 litres of water per day.

3. Lose 30 kg by the end of the year.

4. Eat with my smallest white bowl in every meal.

5. Eat only when I’m hungry.

6. Eat 3 times a day.

7. Eat before 18:00 pm every day.

8. Meal prep every meal using Dianna’s healthy meal prepping videos.

9. Sleep at 21:00 pm and wake up at 04:30 am every day (even on weekends).

10. Join the school’s basketball team.

Stretch vague resolutions like lose weight, drink more water and be more active.

Relationships :

1. Go fishing with Dad every Saturday and catch up on how he has been over the week.

2. Bake Mom my peppermint scones that she loves so much and bring them over every Sunday during lunch.

3. Schedule 30 minutes for coffee with Katie twice a week to see how she’s doing.

4. Take a walk with my husband every evening and talk about stuff.

5. Hug and kiss Nicole everyday when she comes home from work.

6. Keep a reminder on my phone for all the birthdays of the special people in my life and buy them gifts.

7. Don’t cuss in front of Grandma because that makes her angry.

8. Smile before answering my phone when people I love are calling.

9. Make two new online friends.

10. Watch every episode of _ with my online friend.

11. Call Ashley (my online friend) once a week.

12. Take at least 5 minutes to reply to Amy’s texts and call to explain if I failed to do so.

13. Greet my family with a smile every morning.

14. Offer to wash my boss’s car every time it gets dust on it (which is every second of every day).

15. Bring doughnuts to work every Friday to make my co-workers like me more.

16. Discuss with Ted before getting a new pet.

17. Stop visiting Deborah during month ends because she always complains about her financial issues that she has no intention of fixing.

18. Stop talking to Mark about my goals because he thinks they’re absurd.

19. Stop taking Miley’s calls on weekdays because she always complains about her boss, Ray and doesn’t care about my feelings.

10. Start complimenting Roy on his cooking because… I really should start doing that.

11. Take a solo trip to Dubai (be safe).

12. Go shopping by myself every other month.

13. Put my cellphone down when someone’s talking to me.

14. Sit with myself in silence without distractions for 30 minutes per day.

Stretch vague resolutions like : cut toxic people out of my life and spend more time with my family.

Spirituality/ Religion :

1. Go to _ (place of worship) every week.

2. Read one verse of _ every morning.

3. Pray every morning and evening.

4. Meditate for 10 minutes per day.

5. Listen to _ music while getting ready for work.

Stretch vague resolutions like : get closer to God/universe.

Blog/ Work :

1. Publish an article every Thursday at 4pm.

2. Reply to every comment I get on my blog.

3. Read 5 articles per day.

4. Do 3 giveaways this year.

5. Get 20 000 followers in 12 months.

6. Ask Mr Gaines for a promotion at the beginning of February.

7. Get a full time online writng job before June.

8. Start selling on my Etsy shop on the 25th of January.

9. Write 5 sponsored articles in 12 months.

10. Quit my day job in April because _ (don’t do this unless you know what you’re doing).

11. Guest post on 5 blogs this year.

12. Have a total of 50 students on my program this year.

Stretch vague resolutions like : grow my blog.

Growth :

1. Subscribe on Skillshare to learn _.

2. Learn 10 Spanish words daily.

3. Write a 400 word article in French.

4. Read one book per month.

5. Enroll in B- school.

6. Dedicate 30 minutes per day on learning how to juggle.

7. Attend one webinar per month.

8. Stop using my phone 1 hour before bedtime.

Stretch vague resolutions like read more books or be fluent Spanish.

Happy New Year ✨✨. I know you’ll make 2021 a great one.

How To Wake Up At 3am Even If You Don’t Feel Like It :

I will teach you how to wake up at 3am everyday even if you don’t feel like it. Maybe for your new year’s resolutions you want to wake up earlier. You want to be a morning person and I’mma help you do that.

Who am I to teach you how to wake up early?? What qualifies me to talk about this topic?? Well, I’m glad you asked.

I’m qualified to talk about this topic because I wake up at 3am everyday. Okay fine, most days I wake up at 3am.

1. Stop Saying You’re a Night Owl :

There are two types of people in this world, coffee people and tea people. Okay, cat people and dog people. Okay, people who cry after watching romantic movies and… Oh, wait that’s everybody.

Okay, night owls and early birds. I thought I was a night owl for the longest time, that I was productive at night than any other time of the day. Of course I’m an introvert and I had roommates so I didn’t want to be around people so I didn’t sleep. I was awake while the whole world was asleep, it was simply too much power.

Even though I was a “night owl” I also wanted to wake up before everybody else and get ready before they all woke up. I wanted be like Miley and have the best of both worlds. You can kinda tell how that was going for me.

I found out that I was not a night owl and that I wasn’t most productive at night. I was most productive at night because I told myself that I was. I’m actually most productive when there’s nobody around. So, now I’m most productive in the morning.

2. Set a bedtime and a wake up time :

Have a specific time that you should be in bed and ready to sleep and set a specific time that you should wake up. Over time your body will get used to sleeping and waking up at those times that you’ll have no problem doing it.

3. Get To Bed Early :

Going to sleep at midnight and expecting yourself to wake up at 3am is just setting yourself up for failure. We want you to wake up early, ready to kickstart the day so we need you to be well rested.

4. Have Intentions For Your Mornings :

This is not a piece of the pie my angel, this is the pie.

You should have intentions set. You don’t want to wake up and freeze there in the darkness with no idea what to do. Plan the day before what you’re going to do in the morning.

Better yet, ask yourself. If I don’t wake up at 3am tomorrow, what is going to happen?? How will my day look like if I wake up later??

4. Have Something To Look Forward To :

Plan something that excites you in your morning routine. Have something to look forward to. This just might wake you up without an alarm.

5. Have a bad morning experience :

If you want to wake up at 3am because you don’t want to rush then experience what being rushed actually feels like or visualise it. This will make you say “I don’t want my mornings to be like this” and this will encourage you to take action. This is because we mostly do things to avoid pain than we do to gain pleasure. You’ll experience a morning routine that is painful to you and you won’t want to put yourself through that ever again.

Remember that you can learn and unlearn any habits in your life.

I love you guys sooo much♥️♥️.

Things To Do Before 2021 :

I know how excited you are for 2021 to arrive and how much you’re ready to welcome the new year. Take a quick look around you. Are you really ready for 2021 to arrive?? Do you really wanna welcome the new year with all those dishes still in the sink??

1. Declutter :

Take a deep dive into your closet to see what you’re keeping and what you’re giving up for adoption. Also declutter your house, throw away those broken dreams that you keep in your drawers and don’t forget to declutter your cellphone. We all know it’s a steamy mess in there.

2. Get A Journal :

I know 2020 was very hard and you barely have enough money to pay for rent but honey, who said anything about money?? Why buy a journal when you can make one??

Cover designed by yours truly.

3. Reflect On 2020 :

I don’t mean to put salt on your wounds but this needs to get done. You need to stop whining about how smoothly 😜 2020 went and actually reflect on how your year was.

4. Set Goals For 2021 :

You need a direction but you’re also the director and it’s 100% your responsibility to set the direction. Sit down, when you’re feeling inspired but not too inspired (because you need to be realistic) and set goals for 2021.

5. Create A Vision Board :

When your spirit is lifted, your vibration is high, your hope is up and your faith is infinite. Sit down and create a vision board for 2021.

6. Get Started On Your To-Do Habits :

Those habits that you plan to start on the 1st January 2021. Those healthy habits that will transform you into a completely difference person therefore you’re saving them for the new year. I want you to start them now because there’s no better time than right now, right??

7. Write Motivational Quotes And…

Get cute papers and write motivational quotes that captivate the essence of your 2021. Paste them all over your bedroom wall or office wall or both.

8. Get Excited For 2021 :

You have a solid chance to make 2021 ‘your year’ and that’s something to get excited about. Get excited the only way you know how and be ready to welcome 2021 with a warm hug.

I can tell by you being here that 2021 is definitely going to be your year. Cheers to that 🥂!!